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Centre for Population Health Sciences

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Lead within CPHS: Professor Aziz Sheikh

The Centre for Population Health Sciences acts as a research hub, drawing together public health and primary care clinicians, biomedical and social scientists, and statisticians and epidemiologists. Our scope of research extends from aetiological studies to clinical trials and health services research, deploying both qualitative and quantitative methods. Increasingly we are tackling research projects involving secondary analyses of existing data sets, and/or analyses of linked routine health service data.

Principal topics of research are:

Research collaboration

There is substantial interdisciplinary collaboration between the research topic groups within CPHS. Investigators within the Centre for Population Health Sciences also have important and productive working relationships with various national and international research groups. CPHS as a whole has a close working relationships with other research centres and groupings within the University (see diagram below).

CPHS contributions to/collaboration with major University of Edinburgh research groupings/ centres
Type of grouping/centreUniversity of Edinburgh Centre/ Research grouping
Within CPHS
Within our own College (MVM)
In other Colleges
Cross-college research groups
Based in the University of Edinburgh, but extending further afield

Research outputs

Overall CPHS research outputs can be perused:

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