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Professor Sarah Wild

Professor of Epidemiology and Honorary Consultant in Public Health, NHS Lothian

Tel: 0131 651 1630
Fax: 0131 650 6868


  • Research in diabetes and cardiovascular disease epidemiology
  • Teaching and supervision of undergraduates, postgraduates and public health trainees
  • Member of M.Sc. course administration team
  • Honorary consultant in public health, Lothian NHS Board
  • Director of Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility epidemiology and statistics core

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Supervision of intercalated B.Sc. students
  • Marker of year 1 Health and Society exams
  • Supervisor of SSC projects
  • Member of M.Sc. course administration team
  • Course organiser: Introduction to epidemiology
  • Supervision of MD/PhD students
  • Tutor on Sample Size and Evidence Based Medicine workshops

Research Interests

  • Epidemiology of diabetes
  • Epidemiology of cardiovascular disease
  • Routine data linkage
  • Inequalities in health
  • Genetic epidemiology

Current Research Involvement

  • Linkage of national diabetes register data to hospital admission, mortality, cancer registration and other disease register data
  • Viking Health Study - measurement of cardiovascular risk factors and bone mineral density in Shetland
  • Equity audit - examination of equity of selected services in Lothian including coronary revascularisation and breast cancer
  • Telescot research programme - evaluating supported self-monitoring of chronic disease

Other Responsibilities/Activities

  • M.Sc. course team member
  • Honorary consultant in public health, Lothian NHS Board
  • Director of Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility Epidemiology and Statistics Core
  • Member of European Diabetes Epidemiology Group steering committee
  • Associate Editor for Diabetologia

Selected grants

  • Validating Existing And Developing New Measures of comorbidity to predict mortality using Scottish routine datasets (Chief Scientist Office, 2013-2015) Wild S, McAllister D, Weir C, Halbesma N
  • The Scottish Health Informatics Programme (SHIP) (Wellcome Trust, 2009-2012) Morris A, Boyle P, Ford I, Bain M, Laurie G, Pagliari C, Cunningham-Burley S, Wild S et al,
  • Telemetric supported self-monitoring of long-term conditions (Chief Scientist Office: NHS Applied Research Programme Grant, 2008-2012) McKinstry B, Pinnock H, MacNee B, Sheikh A, Padfield P, Hanley J, Pagliari C, McKnight J, Wild S, Auld S, Kelly D, Sudlow C.
  • Understanding The Impact Of Diabetes In Scotland: A project to support Scottish diabetes register data linkage. (Scottish Government Health Department, 2008-2010) Wild SH, Lindsay R, Cunningham S, Emslie-Smith A, Fischbacher C, McAlpine R, McGilchrist M, McKnight J, Morris A, Pearson D, Petrie J, Waugh N.
  • Identifying susceptibility loci for osteoporosis by genome wide scan in the UK population isolate of Orkney. (Arthritis Research Council, 2007-2010) Ralston S, Wilson J, Wright A ,Campbell H, Albagha O, Wild S
  • Strategies for optimal reperfusion in ST segment elevation myocardial infarction. A feasibility study for provision of primary percutaneous coronary intervention and pre-hospital thrombolytic therapy in Scotland. (Chief Scientist Office, 2006-2008) Flapan A, Connor P, McLean S, Donald L, Wild S, Craig J
  • A family based intervention for primary prevention of type 2 Diabetes in South Asians: cluster randomised phase iii trial with economic analysis. (National Prevention Research Initiative, 2006-2011) Bhopal R, Sheikh A, Wild S, McKnight J, Wallia S, Lean M, Murray G, Forbes J, Lawton J Further info
  • Risk factors for post-dates pregnancy. (Tenovus, 2005-2006) Denison F, Liston WA, Price J, Wild S, Graham C
  • Statistical methods for describing gene-environment interactions in cardiovascular disease risk factors (Health Services Research studentship). (Chief Scientist Office, 2005-2008) Anderson N, Wild S, Campbell H
  • The impact of deprivation and ethnicity on prevalence of diabetes and its complications: the Glasgow Diabetes Project. (Diabetes UK, 2005-2006) Lindsay R, Wild S, Watt G, Ford I (CI University of Glasgow)
  • Validation of Lothian diabetes register data against routine hospital admission data and examination of potential inequalities by age, sex, deprivation and ethnicity. (Lothian Health Board research and development fund, 2005-2006) Wild S, Carter H
  • Collection of a control cohort from the Scottish population as a national DNA resource for human genetic studies. (Chief Scientist Office Full Grant, 2005-2008) Porteous D, Turner M, Kerr S, Newby D, Wild S
  • National Evaluation of the DHDS Diabetes Screening Pilots. (Department of Health, 2004-2006) Goyder E, Peters J, Lacey A, Wild S, Lawton J, Karnon J, Jiwa M (CI University of Sheffield)
  • Genetic analysis of cardiovascular disease-related traits in Orkney. (Chief Scientist Office, 2004-2007) Wilson J, Campbell H, Wright A, Wild S, Visscher P, Carothers A et al
  • A retrospective cohort study of cardiovascular disease mortality and morbidity among women with endometrial cancer. (Chief Scientist Office, 2004-2004) Wild S
  • Treatment of periodontal disease for glycaemic control in people with diabetes: A Cochrane Systematic Review. (Diabetes UK, 2003-2007) Simpson T, Needleman I, Wild S, Moles D and Mills E


Link to Edinburgh Research Explorer for full publications list

Selected publications

  • McLean S, Barbour V, Wild S, Simpson C, Sheikh A, Models for estimating projections for disease prevalence and burden: a systematic review focusing on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. J Health Serv Res Policy OnlineFirst DOI Link
  • Bolton JL, Hayward C, Direk N, Lewis JG, Hammond GL, Hill LA, et al (inc Wilson JF, Campbell H, Rudan I, Wild SH, Price JF). Genome Wide Association Identifies Common Variants at the SERPINA6/SERPINA1 Locus Influencing Plasma Cortisol and Corticosteroid Binding Globulin. PLoS Genet 2014;10(7):e1004474 DOI Link
  • Genetic Investigation of Anthropometric Traits (GIANT) Consortium (inc J Bolton, H Campbell, G Fowkes, RM Fraser, J Price, I Rudan, SH Wild, JF Wilson). Quality control and conduct of genome-wide association meta-analyses. Nature Protocols 2014;9(5):1192-212 DOI Link
  • Douglas A, Bhopal RS, Bhopal R, Forbes JF, Gill JMR, McKnight J, et al. Design and baseline characteristics of the PODOSA (Prevention of Diabetes & Obesity in South Asians) trial: a cluster, randomised lifestyle intervention in Indian and Pakistani adults with impaired glycaemia at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. BMJ Open 2013 Jan 1;3(2) DOI Link
  • Bhopal RS, Douglas A, Wallia S, Forbes JF, Lean MEJ, Gill JMR, et al. Effect of a lifestyle intervention on weight change in south Asian individuals in the UK at high risk of type 2 diabetes: a family-cluster randomised controlled trial. The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology 2013 Dec 23. DOI Link
  • Do R, Willer CJ, Schmidt EM, Sengupta S, Gao C, Peloso GM, et al (inc Fraser RM, Bolton JL, Rudan I, Wild SH, Wilson JF, Campbell H, Price JF). Common variants associated with plasma triglycerides and risk for coronary artery disease. Nat Genet 2013; published online 6 October DOI Link
  • Global Lipids Genetics Consortium (inc RM Fraser, JL Bolton, I Rudan, SH Wild, JF Wilson, H Campbell, JF Price). Discovery and refinement of loci associated with lipid levels. Nat Genet 2013; published online 6 October DOI Link
  • Morling JR, Balkau B, Wild SH. Diabetes in women - A life-course approach. Menopause International 2013; 19(2):87-95 DOI Link
  • McAllister DA, Morling JR, Fischbacher CM, Macnee W, Wild SH. Socioeconomic deprivation increases the effect of winter on admissions to hospital with COPD: retrospective analysis of 10 years of national hospitalisation data. Prim Care Respir J. 2013; published online 2 July DOI Link
  • Wild S, Hanley J, Lewis S, McKnight J, McCloughan L, Padfield P, Paterson M, Pinnock H, McKinstry B. The impact of supported telemetric monitoring in people with type 2 diabetes: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. Trials 2013;14:198
  • Stoddart A, Hanley J, Wild S, Pagliari C, Paterson M, Lewis S, Sheikh A, Krishan A, Padfield P, McKinstry B. Telemonitoring-based service redesign for the management of difficult-to-control hypertension (HITS): A cost and cost-effectiveness analysis. BMJ Open 2013;3:e002681
  • McKinstry B, Hanley J, Wild S, Pagliari C, Paterson M, Lewis S, Sheikh A, Krishan A, Stoddart A, Padfield P. Telemonitoring-based service redesign for the management of difficult-to-control hypertension (HITS): a multi-centre randomised controlled trial. BMJ 2013;346:f3030
  • McLean S, Wild SH, Simpson CR, Sheikh A. Models for estimating projections for the prevalence and disease burden of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): systematic review protocol. Primary Care Respiratory Journal. 2013;22:PS8-PS21 DOI Link
  • The Meta-Analyses of Glucose and Insulin-related traits Consortium (MAGIC) (inc RM Fraser, JL Bolton, GR Fowkes, SH Wild, I Rudan, H Campbell, JF Wilson, JF Price). Large-scale association analyses identify new loci influencing glycemic traits and provide insight into the underlying biological pathways. Nature Genetics 2012; published online 12 August DOI Link
  • Wild S, Price J. Epidemiology of type 2 diabetes. Oxford Textbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes 2011, edited by John A H Wass and Paul Stewart; 13.3.3
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  • Bhala N, Bhopal R, Brock A, Griffiths C, Wild S. Alcohol-related and hepatocellular cancer deaths by country of birth in England and Wales: analysis of mortality and census data .J Public Health (Oxf). 2009 Jun;31(2):250-7.
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