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Centre for Population Health Sciences

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Photo of Harry Campbell

Professor Harry Campbell

Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Public Health

Tel: 0131 650 3218
Fax: (0131) 650 6909


  • Co-Director of Centre for Population Health Sciences
  • Co-Director WHO Collaborating Centre for Population Health Research and Training
  • Programme lead for public health, Research Governance Committee, NHS Lothian

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Co-ordinator social sciences and public health programme theme
  • MPH: Course leader - Global Health Epidemiology
  • MPH: Course lecturer Genetic Epidemiology; Epidemiology for Public Health; Epidemiology of non communicable diseases
  • MSc programmes in Life Sciences (cancer biology): course lecturer

Research Interests

  1. Genetic epidemiology studies
    • Colorectal cancer genetics
    • Mapping of complex disease QTL in genetic isolate populations
  2. Epidemiology of glycans in health and disease
  3. International Health
  4. Health Services Research

Current Research Involvement

  1. Genetic epidemiology studies
    1. Genetic isolate populations
      We have established cohort studies recruiting families / extended pedigrees and measuring a wide range of quantitative traits of public health importance in the Dalmatian islands, Croatia and in Orkney island, Scotland. We have also established a research collaboration linking 5 genetic isolate populations throughout Europe (EUROSPAN).

      Research areas
      • QTL mapping on wide variety of disease-related traits
      • Population genetics characterisation of isolate populations
      • Inbreeding depression effects on late-onset traits
    2. Contribution to other collaborative genetic epidemiology studies
      • Scottish Family Health Study (Generation Scotland)
      • Member of many international GWAS consortia
  2. Colorectal cancer genetics (together with Prof Malcolm Dunlop and colorectal cancer genetics group at MRC Human Genetics Unit)
    We have recruited about 4,000 patients with colorectal cancer in Scotland, 1,400 of these with early onset (under 55 years of age). We have also recruited population and family based controls and environmental exposure /survival / clinical data (SOCCS study)

    Research areas include
    1. Epidemiology of mismatch repair gene mutations
      • Prevalence, penetrance, modifiers etc
    2. Identification of novel genetic variants
      • Candidate gene / association approach
      • Genome wide screen / association approach - Exome sequencing
      • Field synopses of colorectal adenoma / carcinoma genetics
  3. Glycomic epidemiology studies
    We have undertaken GWAS studies of plasma and IgG N-glycans and associated follow on studies in disease cohorts. - current funded projects include
    • IBD BIOM - inflammatory disease glycomics
    • MIMOmics -
    • High GLYCAN
  4. International Health
    I have long standing interests in several aspects of childhood respiratory infections in developing countries - epidemiology, prevention and treatment. - current funded projects include:

    • WHO / UNICEF Child Health Epidemiology Reference Group (now Maternal and Child health Estimation and Evaluation group
    • Improving Coverage Measurement in MNCH (ICM) Core Group
    • RSV Global Estimation Network
    • Optimal use of clinical signs for diagnosis and prognosis of childhood pneumonia

Other Responsibilities/Activities

  • Member of Research Grants Committee, Research Council of Norway
  • Co-editor Journal of Global Health

Further Information

Work History

Previous Appointments
1986-1989 Epidemiologist / Research Clinician, MRC, The Gambia, West Africa
1989-1992 Medical Officer, World Health Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland
1992-1995 Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Fife Health Board, Scotland
1995-2004 Senior Lecturer then Reader in Genetic Epidemiology / Public Health, University of Edinburgh

Selected grants

  • Systematic literature review in multiple language databases to identify studies reporting data (by gender) on hospitalisations and mortality for the three leading causes of child mortality (UNICEF, 2014-2014) Nair H, Campbell H, Rudan I
  • Maternal and Child Epidemiology (Johns Hopkins University, 2014-2016) Rudan I, Campbell H, Nair H
  • Optimal use of clinical signs for diagnosis and prognosis of childhood pneumonia (World Health Organization, 2014-2015) Nair H, Campbell H
  • Improving current global estimates of morbidity and mortality due to RSV - associated acute lower respiratory infections in young children through acquisition of novel data and disease burden modelling (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 2013-2015) Nair H, Campbell H, Rudan I, McAllister DA
  • Cost of treatment of childhood pneumonia under the revised WHO guidelines and the cost projection for management in 2015 (World Health Organization, 2013-2013) Nair H, Campbell H, Zhang S
  • Improving coverage measurement for MNCH: linking household survey data to assessments of service provision (Johns Hopkins University, 2013-2013) Campbell H, Nair H, Brondi L
  • Systematic literature review of relative risks / odds ratio for pneumonia in children associated with HIV infection (World Health Organization, 2013-2013) Campbell H, Nair H
  • Estimating the annual number of deaths from multidrug-resistant TB in the world (WHO, 2013-2013) Nair H, Brondi L, Campbell H
  • WHO Manual on Influenza Burden of Disease (Global Influenza Program, World Health Organization, Geneva, 2011-2012) Nair H, Campbell H
  • Analysis of landscape and potential impact of diagnostics for neonatal sepsis. (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 2010-2012) Rudan I., Campbell H.
  • A mendelian randomisation study of vitamin D on colorectal cancer risk (Chief Scientist Office, 2009-2011) Campbell H, Theodoratou E, Dunlop M, McKeigue P, Davey Smith G, Farrington SM
  • Identifying susceptibility loci for osteoporosis by genome wide scan in the UK population isolate of Orkney. (Arthritis Research Council, 2007-2010) Ralston S, Wilson J, Wright A ,Campbell H, Albagha O, Wild S
  • EUROpean Special Populations reseArch Network (EUROSPAN): quantifying and harnessing genetic variation for gene discovery. : MRC Human Genetics Unit, Erasmus University (N), Zagreb University (Cr), National Research Center for Environment and Health Munich (G), Uppsala University (Sw), European Research Academy (It), IntegraGen (Fr). (European Union (FP6), 2006-2009) Campbell H et al
  • The Genetic Analysis of Ocular Morphometric Traits Related to Primary Open Angle Glaucoma Susceptibility in the Population Isolate of Orkney (The Glaucoma Inheritance Study of Orkney, GISO). (Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Executive, 2006-2008) Karunaratne V, Wright A, Wilson J, Fleck B, Campbell H
  • The Role of Base Excision Repair defects in predisposition to colorectal cancer. (Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Executive, 2006-2008) Melton D, Campbell H et al
  • Mapping genes underlying complex quantitative traits in isolate populations - Phase III. (Medical Research Council UK, 2005-2008) Rudan I, Wright A, Campbell H, Carothers A
  • Scottish Family Heart Study (Genetics and Healthcare Initiative). (Scottish Executive, 2005-2008) Morris A, Campbell H et al (CI University of Dundee)
  • Genome Scan To Identify Common Low Penetrance Alleles Contributing to Colorectal Cancer Aetiology. (CRUK, 2005-2007) Dunlop M, Campbell H
  • Statistical methods for describing gene-environment interactions in cardiovascular disease risk factors (Health Services Research studentship). (Chief Scientist Office, 2005-2008) Anderson N, Wild S, Campbell H
  • Investigating the effects of inbreeding on human quantitative traits. (National Institutes of Health, 2004-2006) Rudan I, Campbell H et al
  • Genetic dissection of high myopia using threshold-defined case and control subjects from a Scottish isolate sub-population, the Western Isles. (Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Executive, 2004-2007) Vitart V, Wright A, Campbell H et al (CI MRC Human Genetics)
  • The importance of cell cycle control and DNA repair gene polymorphisms in genetic predisposition to melanoma. (Chief Scientist Office, 2004-2007) Melton D W, Anderson N, Campbell H, Doherty V, Kavanagh G, Rees J
  • Genetic analysis of cardiovascular disease-related traits in Orkney. (Chief Scientist Office, 2004-2007) Wilson J, Campbell H, Wright A, Wild S, Visscher P, Carothers A et al
  • Genetics of Complex Traits and Diseases in Croatian genetic isolate. (The Royal Society, 2003-2005) Rudan I, Campbell H
  • An investigation of genetic determinants of susceptibility and disease behaviour in early inflammatory bowel disease. (Wellcome Trust Programme Grant, 2003-2008) Satsangi J, Campbell H et al
  • National Translational Cancer Research Network. (Department of Health, 2003-2008) Dunlop M, Campbell H et al
  • Utilising genetics to combat colorectal cancer. (Cancer Research UK Programme Grant, 2003-2008) Dunlop M, Campbell H
  • Associations of mutations in the human homolog of the MutY gene with early onset colorectal cancer. (Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Executive, 2003-2006) Farrington S, Dunlop M, Campbell H et al
  • Mapping genes underlying complex quantitative traits in Croatian isolate population - Phase I. (Medical Research Council, 2002-2002) Wright A, Hayward C, Hastie N, Rudan I, Campbell H et al (CI MRC Human Genetics)
  • Mapping genes underlying complex quantitative traits in Croatian isolate population - Phase II. (Medical Research Council, 2002-2005) Wright A, Hayward C, Hastie N, Rudan I, Campbell H (CI MRC Human Genetics)
  • Centre for colorectal cancer research. (Digestive Disorders Foundation, 2002-2007) Campbell H, Dunlop M, Satsangi J, Jodrell D

Selected publications

Link to Edinburgh Research Explorer for up-to-date publications list

Selected publications

  • Wood AR, Esko T, Yang J, Vedantam S, Pers TH, Gustafsson S et al (inc Fraser RM, McLachlan S, Campbell H, Price JF, Rudan I, Wilson JF). Defining the role of common variation in the genomic and biological architecture of adult human height. Nature Genetics 2014; published online 5 October DOI Link
  • Bolton JL, Hayward C, Direk N, Lewis JG, Hammond GL, Hill LA, et al (inc Wilson JF, Campbell H, Rudan I, Wild SH, Price JF). Genome Wide Association Identifies Common Variants at the SERPINA6/SERPINA1 Locus Influencing Plasma Cortisol and Corticosteroid Binding Globulin. PLoS Genet 2014;10(7):e1004474 DOI Link
  • Vimaleswaran KS, Cavadino A, Berry DJ, Jorde R, Dieffenbach AK, Lu C, et al (inc Zgaga L, Fraser RM, McLachlan S, Theodoratou E, Wilson JF, Rudan I, Campbell H, Price JF). Association of vitamin D status with arterial blood pressure and hypertension risk: a mendelian randomisation study. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol 2014; published online 25 June DOI Link
  • Theodoratou E, Campbell H, Ventham NT, Kolarich D, Pučić-Baković M, Zoldoš V, Fernandes D, Pemberton IK, Rudan I, Kennedy NA, Wuhrer M, Nimmo E, Annese V, McGovern DP, Satsangi J, Lauc G. The role of glycosylation in IBD. Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2014 Oct;11(10):588-600 DOI Link
  • Genetic Investigation of Anthropometric Traits (GIANT) Consortium (inc J Bolton, H Campbell, G Fowkes, RM Fraser, J Price, I Rudan, SH Wild, JF Wilson). Quality control and conduct of genome-wide association meta-analyses. Nature Protocols 2014;9(5):1192-212 DOI Link
  • DIAbetes Genetics Replication And Meta-analysis (DIAGRAM) Consortium (inc H Campbell, RM Fraser, JF Price, I Rudan, JF Wilson). Genome-wide trans-ancestry meta-analysis provides insight into the genetic architecture of type 2 diabetes susceptibility. Nature Genetics 2014; 46(3):234-244 DOI Link
  • Thanabalasingham G, Huffman JE, Kattla JJ, Novokmet M, Rudan I, Gloyn AL, Hayward C, Adamczyk B, Reynolds RM, Muzinic A, Hassanali N, Pucic M, Bennett AJ, Essafi A, Polasek O, Mughal SA, Redzic I, Primorac D, Zgaga L, Kolcic I, Hansen T, Gasperikova D, Tjora E, Strachan MW, Nielsen T, Stanik J, Klimes I, Pedersen OB, Njølstad PR, Wild SH, Gyllensten U, Gornik O, Wilson JF, Hastie ND, Campbell H, McCarthy MI, Rudd PM, Owen KR, Lauc G, Wright AF. Mutations in HNF1A result in marked alterations of plasma glycan profile. Diabetes. 2013 Apr;62(4):1329-37 DOI Link
  • Lauc G, Huffman JE, Pučić M, Zgaga L, Adamczyk B, Mužinić A, Novokmet M, Polašek O, Gornik O, Krištić J, Keser T, Vitart V, Scheijen B, Uh HW, Molokhia M, Patrick AL, McKeigue P, Kolčić I, Lukić IK, Swann O, van Leeuwen FN, Ruhaak LR, Houwing-Duistermaat JJ, Slagboom PE, Beekman M, de Craen AJ, Deelder AM, Zeng Q, Wang W, Hastie ND, Gyllensten U, Wilson JF, Wuhrer M, Wright AF, Rudd PM, Hayward C, Aulchenko Y, Campbell H, Rudan I. Loci associated with N-glycosylation of human immunoglobulin G show pleiotropy with autoimmune diseases and haematological cancers. PLoS Genet. 2013;9(1):e1003225 DOI Link
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  • Bhutta ZA, Das JK, Walker N, Rizvi A, Campbell H, Rudan I, Black RE. Interventions to address diarrhoea and pneumonia deaths equitably: what works and at what cost? Lancet. 2013; 381: 1417 – 29 DOI Link
  • Chopra M, Mason E, Borrazzo J, Campbell H, Rudan I, Liu L, Black RE, Bhutta Z. Ending preventable deaths from pneumonia and diarrhoea – an achievable goal. Lancet. 2013; 381: 1499 – 1506 DOI Link
  • Adeloye D, Chan KY, Rudan I, Campbell H. An estimate of asthma prevalence in Africa: a systematic analysis. Croat Med J. 2013 December; 54(6): 519–531 DOI Link
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