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Professor Amanda Amos

Professor of Health Promotion

Tel: 0131 650 3236
Fax: (0131) 650 6909


Teaching Responsibilities

  • Health Promotion teaching in Years 1 and 3 of the medical curriculum.
  • Health Promotion teaching in the MPH.
  • PhD students researching different aspects of health promotion eg children's experiences of smoking in the home; young smokers' sources of cigarettes, smoking and social networks people; influence of the tobacco industry at the European level.

Research Interests

My main area of research is smoking and tobacco control. This focuses on a broad range of smoking issues at the individual, community and societal level, including:

  • the influence of the tobacco industry and the media on smoking- editorial and advertising messages, marketing of tobacco to young people and women in UK and Europe.
  • young people - smoking uptake, dependence and cessation in the mid-to-late teens; transitions and smoking; smoking and gender; sources of cigarettes; perceptions of media smoking images.
  • adults - smoking and disadvantage; cessation services; smoking and gender; smoking and ethnicity.
  • evaluation of tobacco control initiatives - interventions to reduce children's exposure to secondhand smoke in the home; incentives to increase cessation in disadvantaged smokers; the Scottish and English legislation on smoking in public places, cessation initiatives with young people; networking and capacity building on women and tobacco in Europe.

Current Research Involvement

  • DISPLAY- Determining the Impact of Smoking Point of Sale Legislation Among Youth Study (with Stirling and St Andrew's Universities). NIHR.
  • SILNE- Tackling Socioeconomic Inequalities in Smoking (with Erasmus University and several other European universities). EU Health FP7.
  • MCLASS- Muslim Communities Learning About Second-hand Smoke (with York and Leeds Universities) MRC/NPRI.
  • REFRESH Smokefree Homes Research Project (led by ASH Scotland with University of Aberdeen) Big Lottery Fund.
  • An Evaluation to Assess the Effectiveness of 'Quit 4 U' (with ScotCen and University of Aberdeen). NHS Health Scotland.

Other Responsibilities/Activities

  • Associate Editor for Prevention of the journal Tobacco Control
  • Member of the European Board of the International Network of Women Against Tobacco (INWAT)
  • Member of the Scottish Ministerial Working Group on Tobacco Control
  • Scottish Government Tobacco Control Strategy Short-Life Working Group
  • Member of the Board of the International Union Against TB and Lung Disease (The Union)

Further Information

Work History

Previous Appointments
1980-1982 Scientific Officer; MRC Clinical and Population Cytogenetics Unit, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
1983-1985 Senior Scientific Officer, Department of Community Medicine and Health Education, Hampstead Health Authority, London
Appointed to University of Edinburgh
1985 Lecturer in Health Promotion, Public Health Sciences
1992 Senior Lecturer in Health Promotion, Public Health Sciences
2003 Reader in Health Promotion, Public Health Sciences
2006 Professor of Health Promotion, Public Health Sciences


1976 BA (Hons) in Natural Science (Genetics) 2.1, University of Cambridge
1983 PhD in Genetics, University of Cambridge
1983 MSc in Community Medicine, University of Edinburgh

Selected grants

  • Protecting young children in disadvantaged households from secondhand smoke: identifying barriers and levers to creating smokefree homes. (Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation, 2013-2014) Amanda Amos, Neneh Rowa-Dewar, Colin Lumsdaine
  • Harm reduction and smoking: smokers’ understandings and experiences. (Cancer Research UK Tobacco Advisory Group, 2013-2014) Amos A, Rooke C, Cunningham-Burley S
  • Tobacco access and use among disadvantaged young smokers in Scotland. (Scottish School of Public Health Research, 2012-2012) Bauld L (CI University of Stirling)
  • Determining the Impact of Smoking Point of Sale Legislation Among Youth (DISPLAY) Study. (NIHR, 2012-2017) Haw S et al (CI University of Stirling)
  • MCLASS- Muslim Communities Learning About Second-hand Smoke. (MRC/NPRI, 2012-2014) Siddiqi K et al (CI Amos A)
  • Mothers Learning About Second-hand Smoke: MLASS feasibility study. (CRUK, 2011-2013) Siddiqi (CI University of York)
  • Tackling socioeconomic inequalities in smoking: learning from natural experiments by time trend analyses and cross-national comparisons. (European Commission FP7 Health, 2011-2014) Kunst A et al (CI Erasmus University, Amsterdam)
  • Tobacco control, inequalities in health and action at the local level in england (Department of Health (via Public Health research Consortium), 2010-2011) Amos A, Platt S, Hill S, Bauld L, Robinson J
  • Smokefree Homes Research Project (Big Lottery Fund, 2010-2013) ASH Scotland, Semple S, Turner S, Amos A, Ritchie D (CI ASH Scotland)
  • An Evaluation to Assess the Effectiveness of 'Quit 4 U' (with ScotCen and University of Aberdeen). Health Scotland, 2009-12, £135,000. (NHS Health Scotland, 2009-2012) Martin C, Amos A et al. (CI ScotCen)
  • The Use of Tobacco by Under 18's. (CEnTSA, 2009-2009) Amos A, Robinson J
  • A Review of Young People and Smoking in England. (Department of Health, 2008-2009) Amos A, Hastings G
  • Evaluation of the Scottish smoke-free legislation - a gender-based analysis. (NHS Health Scotland, 2008-2008) Amos A, Ritchie D, Robinson J, Cunningham-Burley S, Martin C
  • A Review of Young People and Smoking in England. (Department of Health, 2008-2009) Amos A, hastings G
  • Women and Second-hand Smoke in Europe. (European Commission, 2007-2008) Amos A.
  • Impact of smokefree legislation in England on individuals and communities: qualitative longitudinal study (Department of Health, 2007-2008) Platt S, Amos A, Godfrey C, Martin C, Ritchie D, White M Further info
  • A Qualitative Study of Children and Second-hand Smoke Exposure in the Home. (CSO HSRC, 2006-2009) Amos A, Cunningham-Burley S, Rowa-Dewar N
  • Promoting smoking cessation in Bangladeshi and Pakistani male adults: pilot randomised controlled trial. (NPRI/MRC, 2006-2008) Sheikh A, Aveyard P, Amos A , Bhopal R, Prescott R J, Shackley P, Gill P, Bedi R
  • Assessing the Cumulative Impact of Alcohol Marketing Communications on Youth Drinking. (NPRI/MRC, 2006-2010) Hastings G, Eadie D, Amos A, Harris F, Taylor A, Corbett J Haw S (CI ISM Stirling University)
  • Qualitative Study of Smoking in the Home. (NHS Health Scotland, 2006-2007) Amos A, Ritchie D, Cunningham-Burley S, Martin C
  • Rehabilitation after myocardial infarction: experiences and perspectives of people who do not use cardiac support services and resources (The University of Edinburgh College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine Studentship, 2005-2008) Angela Jackson. Supervisors: Gregory, S; McKinstry, B; Amos, A.
  • Between two worlds: a qualitative exploration of language and cultural barriers in diabetes consultations involving South Asian patients. (Studentship). (Chief Scientist Office, 2005-2008) Lawton J, Amos A. Further info
  • Qualitative study of changes in smoking (and drinking) behaviour following implementation of the prohibition of smoking in enclosed public places. (NHS Health Scotland, 2005-2007) Martin C, Amos A & Ritchie D (CI Scotcen)
  • The Use of Tobacco and Related Substances by Ethnic Minorities: the Development of a Culturally Valid Measure. (PATH/ASH Scotland, 2003-2004) Bhopal R, Hunt S, Amos A, Hanna L
  • Evaluation of the PATH Support Fund on Smoking Cessation Services for Pregnant Women and People Facing Inequalities. (PATH/ASH Scotland, 2003-2006) Jones L, Macaskill S, Amos A (CI Scotcen)
  • Evaluation of a national programme of smoking cessation initiatives for young people. (NHS Health scotland, 2002-2006) Platt S, Amos A, Parry O, Gnich W, Jones L, Bitel M
  • An exploration of smoking behaviour, dependence and attitudes towards cessation in the mid to late teens. (CSO HSRC, 2001-2002) Amos A, Haw S, McNeill A
  • Gender Differences in Smoking in Young People. (Europe Against Cancer, 2001-2002) Lambert M et al (CI Flemish Institute for Health Promotion)
  • Developing effective and sustainable health promotion practice in primary care: lhccs and new smoking cessation services. (CSO HSRC, 2001-2004) Amos A, Parry O, Techer L
  • Images of smoking in youth magazines. (Europe Against Cancer/Department of Health, London, 1999-2000) Amos A, Hastings G
  • Smoking and disadvantage- an exploration of social, psychological and behavioural factors associated with smoking among disadvantaged smokers. (CSO HSRC, 1999-2001) Amos A, Parry O
  • Women's magazines and tobacco in Europe. (European Union DGV, 1996-2000) Amos A
  • The social and cultural impact of the New Genetics. (ESRC, 1994-1997) Cunningham-Burley S, Amos A
  • Smoking in transition - a prospective study of young people of school leaving age. (SOHHD, 1994-1997) Amos A, Cunningham-Burley S


Link to Edinburgh Research Explorer for full publications list

Selected publications

  • van der Sluijs, W, Haseen, F, Miller, M, Macgregor, A, Sharp, C, Amos, A, Best, C, Stead, M, Eadie, D, Pearce, J, Frank, J, Haw, S (2016) 'It looks like an adult sweetie shop': point-of-sale tobacco display exposure and brand awareness in Scottish secondary school students. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 1-29 Link
  • Best, C, van der Sluijs, W, Haseen, F, Eadie, D, Stead, M, MacKintosh, AM, Pearce, J, Tisch, C, MacGregor, A, Amos, A, Miller, M, Frank, J, Haw, S (2016) Does exposure to cigarette brands increase the likelihood of adolescent e-cigarette use? A cross-sectional study. BMJ Open, Vol. 6, Issue 2, 1-9 Link
  • Haw, S, Amos, A Eadie, D, Frank, J, MacDonald, L, MacGregor, A, Miller, M,Pearce, J, Sharp, C, Tish, C, van der Sluijs, W. (2014) Determining the impact of smoking point of sale legislation among youth (Display) study: a protocol for an evaluation of public health policy. BMC Public Health,14 :251 Link
  • Ainsworth H, Shah S, Ahmed F, Amos A, Cameron I, Fairhurst C, Kind R, Mir G, Parrott S, Sheikh A, Torgerson D, Thomson H, Siddiqi K. Muslim communities learning about second-hand smoke (MCLASS): study protocol for a pilot cluster randomised controlled trial. Trials 2013; 14:295
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  • Rooke C, Amos A. News media representations of electronic cigarettes: an analysis of newspaper coverage in the UK and Scotland. Tobacco Control, published online first: 24 July 2013, doi:10.1136/tobaccocontrol-2013-051043 DOI Link Link
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