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Fostering research skills to meet the public health challenges of the 21st century with both on-campus and online courses

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Funded PhD Studentship

This project will focus on the analysis of evidence for genetic association with human lifespan. A 3-year, University of Edinburgh funded studentship.

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Mixed Models Analysis of Medical Data using SAS

The course is directed at medical statisticians who wish to understand the statistical background to mixed models to carry out analyses using SAS.

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CPHS Centenary of Public Health Lecture Series: Event 4 2015

The health of the city of Edinburgh: 1865, 2015, and 2165. 21 October 2015. 16:00-18:15

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Nature paper - Genetic diversity, height and cognitive skills

Dr Jim Wilson, Dr Peter Joshi, et al.'s eagerly anticipated nature paper is now published.

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RSE Scotland Foundation: Call For RSE Scotland Foundation: Call for Funding Applications

The RSE Scotland Foundation is inviting applications for research into 'health, happiness and wellbeing'.

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Migrant and Ethnic Health Research Helping to Make a Fairer, Healthier Scotland

A one-day conference on recent research about how migration and ethnic background can affect health. Thursday 24 September 2015. Glasgow.

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